The FUTURE GOLDEN BREEDERS organisation of the the EGCS, was set up to encourage our young and up coming Members and future breeders of the Guernsey cow.  Youngsters up to the age of 26 take part in various handling competitions throughout the year, culminating in the All Britain All Breeds Calf Show which is held in October. (Currently held at the East of England Showground, Peterborough.)

In the past we have organised training days for the youngsters to come to together to learn the skills needed to present and show Dairy Cattle. These days have been invaluable in setting up our nucleus of older established handlers, who are always on hand to give advice and their knowledge to our much younger members. Our youngsters have also built lasting friendships through this organisation which will continue well into adulthood.

We actively encourage these young people to attend training days organised by other Breed societies, as they often have events all over the country nearer to our largely spread out membership.

Each year we present a Points Cup to those winning Handling prizes  at their local Agricultural Shows. There are 3 different age groups:

Under 12 years

12 to 21 years

Over 21 years.

Our FGB co-ordinator is Miss Christine Langford

If you require any information on joining FGB or need help with your handling skills, please contact our Co-ordinators who will be happy to assist.

Contact details:
Miss Christine Langford, Milestone House, Carters Lane, East Chinnock, Yeovil, BA22 9DR
Tel. 01935 862837  Email clangford53@tiscali.co.uk