Top 10 sires with most daughters registered in 2012

Seth Johnson listed the 10 sires with most daughters registered in the USA in 2012 in the April AGA Journal, he commented that 9/10 are “Proven” sires and 8/10 are A2xA2 and accounted for 28% of heifers registered. In England& Wales a different picture emerges with 7/10 most popular bulls are young bulls and they account for 42% of the heifers registered.

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Lifetime Production Awards April 2013

After each of the Guernsey proof runs ,lifetime production awards are calculated and awarded automatically and pedigrees are amended with either Diploma of GDM (Grand Diploma of Merit) for a lifetime yield of more than 5000 kgs of Fat +Protein CM/CME (Certificate of Merit) .The production level has been raised from 2500 to 3000 kgs of Fat and Protein before the animal reaches 8 years of age.

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Potential Bull Mothers April 13

After the April Proof run the”potential” Bull mother list has been updated and as ever it contains an exciting mix of cows and cow families, there are 19 new cows/heifers on the list (1 in 3) which is much higher than normal.

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EGCS Judges Workshop 2013

    The cows pictured are Top Left Bickfield Indus 7 , Centre Bickfield Sweet William 31 Centre  Bickfield Alison 42 and Lower Left Bickfield Linda 35   Kim Sales who chairs the EGCS Judges Panel has submitted a report of yesterday’s workshop.

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Champion Cow in Kenya 2013

Nyundo was recently placed as Champion in Kenya and would compete in any show in the Guernsey World , she is a daughter of the Number 1 bull in Kenya Premium Playboy and traces to Cornwall back to Chytodden Alibaba. Congratulations to all concerned.

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April 2013 Bull Proofs

UK Guernsey bull proofs have been released by Dairy Co and Tredinney Yogis Prince has improved all of his Proof figures and with +£141 PLI is the No I bull in the UK. Beechgroves Ezekiel appears at No 7 (+£119 PLI) with 14 dtrs in 5 herds but as yet it is only his 9 dtrs at Beechgroves that have been classified and they are 7 GP, 1 G and 1 F.

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Jaap's Cheese Tour of the West Midlands

Interesting day Carol and I joined Ernie Durose on a tour of 3 Cheese Dairies in the West Midlands, Fowlers of Earlswood,  near Solihull ,Warks, The Fowlers have been making Cheese for 14 generations and Adrian Fowler who showed us around was a really excellent guide to the history of cheeses and is still prepared to try and develop new cheeses, The Cheese operation is on a dairy farm which they rent to those trying to get a start in dairying.

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EGCS Judges Conference 11th April 2013

The Judges Conference will be held at Bickfield Farm , Compton Martin , Bristol on 11th April by kind permission of the Durbin family, invitations will be going out shortly, but if any others with a particular interest in the Guernsey breed would like to attend please let Caroline Cox know beforehand  on 01822 870727.

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2012 Show Season Report by Kim Sales

2012 SHOW SEASON ROUND UP BY KIM SALES. The 2012 showing season was dogged once again by TB restrictions on some of our members, notably The Warren family from Penzance who missed the entire year. Thankfully the Tredinney herd is now clear and we hope this will continue for them.

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The 2013 Show Season

The 2013 Show Season starts in May with North Somerset, Devon County.Heathfield, Surrey County,Suffolk and the Bath & West. June sees the Royal Cornwall, Cheshire and the Royal Norfolk. July has the Livestock Show , the World Conference Show Guernsey Island,Kent County ,Nantwich  and Stithians August sees Honiton, Okehampton, Edenbridge and the All Breeds Cornwall Calf show Finally October has the South West Dairy Show, The All Breeds All Britain Calf Show and the Welsh Dairy Show.

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