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Bickfield Indus 7th.

At the start of this years showing season, Laura and myself, thought that one of the cows at Bickfield deserved a wider audience than those who are milking her. Having been under TB movement restrictions for the past 4 years, we are now going into our fifth season of ringside viewing and wondering what might have been, especially as our brief window of being TB clear last autumn, yielded a Supreme Dairy Championship at Frome Show and Reserve Breed Champion at S.

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Mr J A C Brown

John Brown from Henfield in Sussex has passed away recently, he was the Manager of the Nuthurst herd of Guernseys for firstly Prince Littler, and then when the Estate was sold for Blyth Model Dairies. John was also EGCS Treasurer and supervised the introduction of the headage levy that was a novel scheme, latterly adopted by HUK.

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Guernsey Heifer Calves for the Netherlands

EGCS have received an enquiry for 60 heifer calves for export to the Netherlands to form a new milking herd in 2015. The enquiry was made because of the high natural level of Beta Casein A2 within the breed. EGCS are trying to establish the health protocols required before export and have invited the prospective buyer to come to the UK to visit some of our herds.

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14th World Guernsey Conference and Tours

30th June – 13th July 2013 The 14th World Guernsey Conference and Tours will be held in Guernsey, Channel Islands. More information

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