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New Inbreeding Tool

AHDB – NEW INBREEDING TOOL TO BE LAUNCHED AT THE LIVESTOCK EVENT. Following on from the article by Sue Staples in our Spring Newsletter a helpful aid from AHDB to be launched next month; A new inbreeding tool has been developed by AHDB Dairy which checks how closely any sire is to another animal in the herd.

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Genomics explained thanks to the American Guernsey Association

Genomics 101 Reprinted with permission from the August 2015 Guernsey Breeders’ Journal   By Cheri Oechsle, Managing Editor Genomics – What is it and what does it truly mean? Two questions most dairymen have been asking since the term ‘genomics’ appeared into the daily stream of dairy talk.

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UK Guernsey semen to be exported to Canada for the first time.

EGCS have had confirmation today that the Canadian Guernsey Association are to import semen from Briddlesford Bluebells Leopold, VG 89 this is te first time that this will have happened. Leopold’s dam Briddlesford Oaks Bluebell 2 Ex 93 is due to calve shortly for the sixth time and is the fifth generation to qualify for CM /CME .

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Good news on the Beta Casein A2 front.

One of our UK herd owners has just tested 52 Guernseys for their A2 status and all bar 7 were A2 x A2 or 87% A2 xA2, but given that the A1 and A2 genes are co-dominant ,this group of cows can be expected to produce milk that is 93.5% A2 .

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Guernseys wanted for Italy

We have been asked to help find 40 Guernsey’s to establish a new herd in Italy, the buyer is planning to retail the Guernsey milk and has asked for A2xA2 tested animals. Those herd owners who hosted visits last April are to be thanked for their help in promoting the breed and also demonstrating  the quality products that can be made from Guernsey milk, as well as the hospitality extended to our Italian guests.

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Two Hoots Cheese Barkham Berkshire

Interesting visit to Barkham, Berkshire yesterday to meet the Andy and Sandy who are making their cheeses with a mix of Guernsey and Jersey milk, but are keen to have all Guernsey milk if possible. Hope to be able to supply them with Guernsey milk from Somerset soon.

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Report by Chris Carpenter on improved Fertility in the Fairfield Herd

The Use Of A.D.E Forte In Guernsey Dairy Cows   What is A.D.E Forte It’s a clear intramuscular injectable solution available in 100ml bottles, used a dose rate of 1ml per 100kg ( 6 – 7 ml per cow ) one injection lasts 2-3months at a cost of £1.32 per cow.

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New PLI Formula launched 12th August 14

  Dairy Co are introducing a new PLI formula with the August proofs due out today, with more emphasis on health and fertility traits at the expense of Production and with the introduction of a “Maintenance ” factor which will penalise larger cows, this is calculated from Stature, Body Depth and Chest Width, and will lead to a reduction in these traits.

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The Primrose's at Tredinney and Laity Farm

The latest star to emerge from the Primrose family is Tredinney Yogis Primrose 29 VG 87, and she is 4th gen VG or better and traces to Laity Farm Primrose 88       The Laity Farm Primroses were bought by Dennis ,Rosemaryand James Warren in 2001 when FMD had stopped most movement of cattle and Chris Trewern who owned the Laity Farm herd found himself with a contract to sell his farm with vacant possesion, but was unable to sell his cows.

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