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Colin Gleed's Frome Show Judges Report.

FROME SHOW 2013 Click on the link above to open report.

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Remarkable Lifetime Yield from Walnut Ridge Magic Cher

http://hoards.com/IB_Highest_Guernsey_Lifetime_Production_Winner   The link above will lead to a report from Hoards Dairyman about Walnut Ridge Magic Cher who has produced over 150.000 kgs lifetime

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Stithians Show Supreme Championship for Gabrielle 2013

Tredinney Yogis Gabrielle ,recently upgraded to Ex 95 was the unanimous choice of the Interbreed Judges at the Stithians Show yesterday, Congratulations to the Warren family.

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2013 Comparison between Holsteins and Guernseys at Hartland View.

Andrew Lewis presented a set of figures comparing the income and expenses for his two herds yesterday which made an impressive case for keeping Guernseys Comparison of Holstein and Guernsey performance, Cows milked through same parlour but housed and grazed separately.

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Visit to Bickfield and Graylands Herds 2013

On Monday June 24th, the overseas visitors visited the Bickfield Herd of the Durbin Family and The Graylands Herd belonging to the Parfitt Family. Good weather prevailed and we were treated to an excellent exhibition of Guernsey Cows at both locations The Bickfield Herd is the largest numerically in the country with 300+ milkers and run very commercially on a no frills operation.  

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Wanted Served Heifers for Holland

EGCS have been asked to supply 20 served heifers that are tested to be A2xA2 to be the foundation of a new herd in Holland .The buyer has plans to milk a good number of cows in the future and this could be the start of a regular business.

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Hartland View Herd visit Tuesday 25th June 2013

The Hartland View herd of Andrew and Debbie Lewis  now has  200 Guernseys who share facilities with 350 high yeilding Holsteins (8500 kg average) with the milk pooled and sold to Cricketers Cheese. The Guernseys are grazed day and night for 7-8 months of the year whilst the Holsteins only graze by day for 5 months which reflects the difference in size of the cows and the high rainfall “enjoyed” on the farm,, recent costings which have included the value/ cost of grazed grass show the Guernseys leaving a higher margin per cow despite producing 30% less milk per cow !

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Chris Cox, 2nd son of Philip and Caroline Married June 15th 2013

The second son of Philip and Caroline Cox of Meadwell Farm in Devon, has married Kerry Friend at St. Andrews Church, Bere Ferrers on Saturday June 15th. Chris, together with brother Joe, farm with their parents near Launceston. Kerry has a gardening business and is also a very talented artist.

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Bickfield and Graylands Herd visits Monday 24th June 2013

The second day of the tour has visits to the Bickfield and Graylands herds which are at opposite ends of the spectrum, with the Bickfield herd of the Durbin faqmily having nearly 300 cows in milk (including 85 first lactation heifers by 25 different sires) and the Graylands herd of the Parfitt family numbering 40 cows but where the production of the fabulous Chew Moos Ice Cream has provided an opportunity for the third generation of the Parfitt family to earn a living from the farm.

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Beechgroves Herd Visit Sunday 23rd June 2013

The International visitors for the World Guernsey Conference will be starting their tour at Beechgroves to see the herd and the milk processing plant of the Lacey family who successfully entertained 2300 people on the farm last Sunday as part of the “Open Farm Sunday” initiative.

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