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Pedigree Information

The English Guernsey Cattle Society abide by the AHDB Dairy and Holstein UK established Code of Advertising. The information provided is taken from the figures for each bull following the Breed evaluation in December 2018. The source of this information is as follows AHDB – Mainland UK Bulls CDCB – USA Bulls.

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WGCF Conference Tour - Sponsorship Offer

The World Guernsey Cattle Society Conference Tour begins on May 21st in Houston, Texas with the WGCF Conference being held in Lancaster, Pennsylvania between the 9 – 12th June. Details of the itinerary, costs and booking form are available at the following worldguernseyconference.com/registration/ www.facebook.com/events/1800720926651204/ WGCF have received an offer from John Ayers to support a couple of youth members attending the 2019 Conference and Tour.

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Bull for sale - Trewey Jacko A2/A2

Bull for sale – Trewey Jacko A2/A2, one of the many excellent bulls bred by the Mann family is for sale. By Tredinney Grumpys Echo out of the 2 generation EX Jackie family. The promise of milk with + figures for both Fat and Protein and good type predictions make this a very enticing purchase for one of our members.

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Will you help the Carpenters?

As most of our members are aware Chris has recently had an on farm accident which is terrible at the best of times but has also come right at the time they are ceasing farming at Fairfield. The family would be very thankful for any help towards getting them settled to their new life.

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Classification Results Nov 2018 - March 2019

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Dispersal Sale Lower Keigwin Herd 15 March 2019

Forthcoming Sale – the Lower Keigwin herd of Melville Jelbert will be sold on Friday 15th March 2019 by Kivells at Exeter Livestock Centre. More details to follow. Also selling at Exeter market 3 homebred bulls from the recently dispersed Fairfield herd of Chris and Louise Carpenter.

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Surplus Greensfield young stock for sale

The Greensfield herd of Martin, Caroline and Emma Greenslade have a surplus of Guernsey heifers (lucky them) and have around 40 head of youngstock ranging from calves to bulling and in calf heifers to offer for sale. Please contact Caroline on 07742 664938 or greensfieldguernseys@icloud.com

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Chris Carpenter - get well soon

Our very best wishes go out to Chris Carpenter who has been involved in a serious farm accident, being crushed by beef bulls. He has undergone 7+ hours of surgery, pinning all of his ribs in place and resecuring his muscles.

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The first 4M Sexed Semen from Mainland bulls is now available

The first 4M Sexed Semen from Mainland bulls and Conventional semen is also available from Beechgroves Excalibur and Briddlesford Harebells Victor, see full details on the pedigrees.

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Welsh Dairy Show 2018.

The Welsh Dairy Show was held on Tuesday October 30th at the United Counties Showground, Carmarthen. There were six animals forward from three Exhibitors, and thanks must go to them for keeping a Guernsey presence at the Show. Judge Kim Sales reports.

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