Guernsleigh Cheese, the only cheese on the market from "tested A2" cows

I received this e-mail this morning from a customer of Ernie Durose who has recently started buying his Guernsleigh Cheese, which we believe to be the only cheese on the market from “tested A2” cows, my correspondent is a a mother named Louise, and I thank her for giving permission to use her testimonial.

I only became aware of A2 milk a year ago having seen such huge improvements in my sons behaviour and gut after cutting milk out. Normal milk gives him headaches (enough to keep him off school), Hyperactivity, boils and eczema, bad tempered behaviour, tummy pain and completely loose stalls with a few hours of having milk. And because if his Autism, he wasn’t able to tell me he was in pain as it is what he grew up with. He only ever had Goats milk, as I had a feeling that he shouldn’t be having Cows milk however it had the same effect. I took him off all wheat and dairy products in September 2011 and not only us as parents but school and his teacher noticed a huge difference in his behaviour. He only has to have a piece if chocolate, something with butter, or cheese in then within 2 hours, he has accidents, needs to go to the toilet every half hour and then the hyperactivity and bad moods kick in and then I realise he is in pain.

We tried some A2 milk from a local farm a year ago but it went straight through him (the cows hadn’t been tested) and the usual reactions occurred. So I was very excited to then see it in Morrisons and he is fine with it, and then shortly after, we tried Ernies cheese and I cannot believe that he can put it in his mouth and have no reactions. I too have given up milk and have stopped having frequent 3 day migraines. I too am now trying the A2 products.

Ernie can be contacted at

December 17th, 2012 | Posted in Milk Development


  1. to any ‘sensible’ person reading comments about guernsey products, please do try and get your cheese, yogurt and RAW milk straight from the producer…. far too much profit is made by the supermarkets…
    from a convertee

  2. please provide contact information and types of cheese available impress me further

    Kind Regards HARRY

  3. I am interested in purchasing Cheese made from A2 milk. I live in Aberdeenshire and my husband has found A2 milk has made a big difference to him. No gut reactions at all. Can anyone tell me if I can order cheese on the internet?
    Kind regards

  4. I have tasted your golden brie the first time on Sunday at the Melton mobray cheese fair.PURE HEAVEN!!!!!!!We are in Lincolnshire,where can I buy your cheese now??
    Kind Regards;Phara

  5. Hi , Could you please tell us, can we buy a2 cheese at the Nantwich farmers market. Regards L & V Mullineux

  6. I am interested in purchasing A2 cheese, yogurt and butter. I live between Hertford, Welwyn and Stevenage (Hertfordshire)

  7. Hello,
    I have started to drink A2 milk and have seen huge benefits.
    Where and how do I purchase A2 cheese and yogurts? – this would completely change my life.
    Thank you.

  8. Hi there,
    We are on A2 milk and have been for ages. Do you know where can I buy A2 cheese in Hampshire please.

  9. Is this cheese available in ,Sydney Australia?

  10. I am living in Warrington (North West). I am interested in A2 cheese and butter. A2 milk is available here in Sainsbury, Morrison and Tesco, but not cheese, yogurt, butter etc.

  11. Ernie can be contacted on please do not use

  12. I am interested in buying a2 butter and cheese. I live in Hertfordshire please advise where I can purchase this from.

  13. Hi folks, just a little note to say that I have really enjoyed your cheese. I bought it at the Melton Mowbray cheese fair on Sunday 30th April. It certainly has a kick to it. Thanks again for a wonderful taste of home x

  14. Please show the results of the actual scientific tests for having the A2 in the milk. I looked on the site, perhaps I missed it Thank you.

  15. The Society authorises A2 testing through an independent laboratory, the results of any tests would be held by them on record or possibly by the owners of the cattle tested,upon request to the laboratory. The Society receives a list of any cows tested with their A2 status, this is recorded on their pedigree. We would not have the results of actual scientific tests to hand.

  16. It is reasonably easy to make cottage etc cheese at home. Info on internet. Also yogurt!

  17. hi have been completely dairy free can tolerate a2 but desperate to buy cheese and spread help liz

  18. I love a2 milk. The first dairy I’ve had in 10 years without suffering any gastro problems. It is life altering for me and can’t wait to find cheeses and other dairy products!!!!!

  19. I live in Boston mass can I buy a2 cheese on internet??

  20. Please could some one call me on 01926 850842.
    I need info on sourcing all A2 milk products in the Midlands. Thanks

  21. Where or how can I purchase your cheese?

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