Briddlesford Harebells Victor For Sale

Are you looking for a quality bull to add to your herd?

At present Briddlesford Harebells Victor is on Centre at Cogent, both sexed and conventional semen being collected for the Society and Cogent home and overseas markets Рwhich rather says a lot about the calibre of the bull. He is coming up to 2 years old (DOB 04.12.16) and has tested A2/A2. Sired by Maradore Aarons Levi (GMI+20F 113) out of the award winning  EX92 Briddlesford Hercules Harebell (GMI+20F 481) who has consistently recorded between 8000 and 9000 kgs per lactation with a Mammary Score of EX93 and a Feet and Leg Score of VG88. This bull cannot return to the Griffin family on the Isle of Wight so he is looking for a new home when he is due to come off Centre in the forthcoming weeks РA Golden Opportunity for Someone!
The new owner would be responsible for financing the haulage of the bull off Centre.
Please contact Richard Griffin on 01983 882239 or  or Paul Griffin on 07798 608406 if you require further details.

October 11th, 2018 | Posted in Stock for Sale

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