WGCF Conference Tour - Sponsorship Offer

The World Guernsey Cattle Society Conference Tour begins on May 21st in Houston, Texas with the WGCF Conference being held in Lancaster, Pennsylvania between the 9 – 12th June. Details of the itinerary, costs and booking form are available at the following
WGCF have received an offer from John Ayers to support a couple of youth members attending the 2019 Conference and Tour. John is willing to offer support up to the value of USD2500 per participant aged 18-25 years. If you are a Junior member of EGCS or a son or daugher of a Member and are at all interested in taking up this opportunity please contact the EGCS Office and I will put you in contact with the World Secretary, Courtney Walker

March 29th, 2019 | Posted in Meetings, News Updates

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