Links to CDI/DairyCo

Guernsey Breed Evaluations are overseen by Dairy Co and are updated in April, August and December each year. The top proven bulls and top 1000 cows are published on the Dairy Co website

The search facility on the bull lists allows you to search the whole database using just part of the animals name.

Pedigrees and Production records and Classification results can be found at the Centre for Dairy Information (CDI) using the Guernsey Animal Search Facility

When the page opens you will see the options to search for individual animals by name, herdbook number or by ear tag, there are also links to tables of the Top Proven Bulls, The Top Bulls with Semen available, The Top Cows ranked by GMI, The Young Bulls used in AI that are waiting for their daughter proofs to emerge.


BULL SELECTOR allows specific breeding goals to be set and is linked to those Proven Bulls with Semen available

WEB MATE is now available for the Guernsey breed, this recently upgraded tool will automatically link your classification data with a choice of sires (min of 3) and will then recommend which of the three bulls will best match your breeding goals which you preset. Given that the number of Proven bulls with semen available is limited when choosing your breeding goals you will need to concentrate on a limited number of traits. EGCS are indebted to HUK for developing and making this tool available.